Sunday, 1 January 2012

What I Got For Christmas..

I was a little unsure about writing this post, as I was worried it would seem a bit like I was screaming 'Look at what I got!' and people may not like that. However the twitterverse seems to disagree and I've loved reading other posts like this so I thought, why not?

I actually had an amazing Christmas, and I got very spoilt this year. I decided rather than just showing everything, I'd just show what beauty products I got.

This present I love! Aiden's sister chose the charms specifically for me because of my blog. :)

One of my all time favourite fragrances. This is my third bottle, and you can already see I've used quite a bit!

Hinted majorly for some Lush products from my brother and he did well - it contains Snowcake Soap and  a L'il Lush Pud Bath Ballistic. :)

Ted Baker Nail Polish set from Boots - comes in a pretty box too! :)

Cannot wait to play around with this, contains everything you need for metallic eyes.

This all came in a gorgeous black bag - and it all smells amazing!

These are all from the Littlewoods website - my dad did good! They look so pretty though, I don't want to open them!

More bath things! :) I love the box it comes in, not sure what I'm going to use it for yet.

Wanted these for so long - love the fragrance! :)

These brushes are actually from Asda, and I'm really surprised by how soft they are and how well they apply products. You can probably see I've used a few already, but I love how professional they look!

I also got a few lip balms, as well as CD's, books, pyjamas, clothes, lots of chocolate, and a lovely Christmas scented candle. Also, not forgetting handbags - one of which I have wanted for ages!

Link your Christmas posts below, I'd love to read them. :)

Coming soon... 'What I Purchased In The Sales'



  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!! So many pretty things....Lush...loved one....fcuk!!! Nice girl!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  2. Love the little charm bracelet!

  3. Those brushes look pretty good!

    Gotta love lush! Glad you had a good christmas :)


  4. Lovely pressies hunny, you can now pamper yourself to your hearts content - glad you loved the bracelet!! loves u xxxx


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