Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Sale Shopping!

At first I vowed not to go sale shopping as I hate it. I can't stand how horrible and greedy some people can get. Oxford Street was a no go for me (I worked there on Boxing Day and saw how bad people can get!) so two days after, Aiden and I ventured to Croydon (not so busy) and did some sale shopping. I didn't get much, as I want to save money, but there were a few things I couldn't resist.

I wanted to buy this as a pre-Christmas treat but couldn't justify spending £16 on myself when I had so many others to buy for. However, as you all know, Boots do amazing half price deals on all the green stickered items so for £8 it was a steal. I also bought another for my mum as she really wanted the perfume. The body butter is also a firm favourite of mine.

I bought these because I always like to carry a mini spray in my bag and I'd run out - plus £2.50 is a bargain! :)

I'm a big fan of fake tan but generally too lazy to apply it, therefore I never see much point in me paying out for fake tan. Cue the sales - I had my eye on this from before Christmas and I love that it's a gradual tan instead.

As you all may already know, Lush sell all of their Christmas products from half price after Christmas. Normally, it all goes within a day, but I was lucky enough to get this Gingerbread house for just £7.50 (ish). It contains 4 products (2 are underneath) and I love the tin too.

Now this wasn't actually in the sale, but my nan gave me a Next voucher for Christmas. I couldn't face throwing myself into their sale with all of the crazy bargain hunters, so I headed to this as I'd previously won it in a giveaway and loved it so much I wanted another. This one cost just £10. It's a gorgeous, girly, floral scent and a perfect addition to my perfume collection.

All in all, I had a successful shopping trip. I didn't spend too much, but still got a lot of things I wanted but for a cheaper price.

What did you all get in the sales?



  1. I missed out on all the Lush Christmas products this year, but you did well to get the gingerbread house! Lovely bargains xx

  2. I have been working since so I haven't managed to get to the sales *sobs* You got some great things :)



  3. Ooo you have obtained some lovely bargains :) I got the Gingerbread House, and I am v much looking forward to trying it :).

  4. I got heaven nose for Christmas, I love it!

    Sarah xx

  5. i love the lush sale, my lush still has 50% christmas gift sets (my local area are clearly not cool!) haha xx

  6. You did good in the sale shopping! We were boring and saved the hassle of going sale shopping and only ended up buying cheap decorations for next year!

  7. That's amazing, you got some bargains! I saw the Soap & Glory set in my local Boots and was sooo tempted to buy it, wish I had now. The St Tropez set is an absolute steal as well, amazing!

    Charlotte xo

  8. i was working at next amongst those crazy bargain hunters on boxing day and you probably made the right decision about not joining them. haha! it was total chaos where i was :')

    looks like you got some lovely bargains. i'm yet to find anything worth facing the queues for. haha.


  9. love that next fragrance was having a smell yesterday in store x


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