Saturday, 7 January 2012

A New Addition To My MAC Palette

Just a quick post really to show you one of my Christmas presents that I didn't mention in my Christmas post. My mum bought me two MAC items of my choice just before Christmas, and I had to suffer seeing them under the tree and knowing what it was! Anyway, the first one was MAC Snob which for some reason is coming up really dark - not sure whether to blog about it or not seeing as it doesn't look right, but let me know if you want me to! The second thing I got was an eyeshadow called Expensive Pink. I originally wanted a really bright pink but they didn't have any so the MUA suggested this colour for my skin tone.

Although it has 'pink' in the name, it's more of a gold/coral with a hint of pink. It's a lovely colour though, and like all other MAC eyeshadows, very pigmented and easy to blend.

It looks lovely in my palette - and I know I've only got 3 but I'm getting there! The true colour of the Expensive Pink eyeshadow is more representative in the second photo. :)

Which MAC eyeshadow should I get next? :)



  1. i did a post on my MAC palette which is full bar one space if you wanted some ideas :-)
    that grey is a lovely colour xx

  2. This looks gorgeous Jess, I'd love this if I could afford it!


  3. I'm slowly working on building a MAC palette as well. So far I've got Plumage, Rice Paper, Yogurt, and Bisque (black tied and jealousy wakes need to be depotted).. the next one I'm going for is either going to be Tempted or Woodwinked.. they're both so gorg. I love brights but I'm building a collection of neutrals first since I can really use them every day for work ;)


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