Saturday, 14 January 2012

Meet January's Sponsors!

As you all may know, this year I started offering advertising spaces on my blog. Two lovely ladies have done this this month, and here is a post telling you a little more about them. I urge you to check out their websites, both very different, but both you'll love! I asked them both to describe their website, do take a look. :) is a fun jewellery website where style and quirkiness mix with a good dose of frugality, which means that your desire to dazzle will not break any banks, not even the piggy one :) The website is a portal to a wide range of uniquely styled fashion jewellery, of great quality, in an eclectic mix of designs. Our blog '' also lets you know of all the developments within the web store, promotions and other news which may tweak your interest and encourage you to click on that hyperlink to a world of Kukee-ness which lies dormant in all of us and needs to be awakened once in a while :)

Girl in a Teeny Town in an 'all-sorts' blog where you can find posts on beauty, jewellery, nail polish, general life chat and 'how to' posts. My favoruite posts are my 'Love Lists' which is when I list what has made me smile in the past week... they are my favourite as I like reading what others have been enjoying! I also do a 'teeny treats' post every so often, where I offer my lovely readers chance to win a few little treats just for being super and making blogging worthwhile. As this year is my year to save money, posts are going to be a little more 'loving what you already have' orientated rather than haul type posts. Please do pop over and take a little look around, and don't be shy and say hello! Love, Zoe xoxo


If you are interested in advertising on my blog for the whole of February, either e-mail me at or leave a comment with your e-mail address. It will cost jsut £2 for the whole month, which is also includes a post featuring your blog - like this one!


Hope you enjoyed this post. :)



  1. just dropped you an email :) xx

  2. Sounds like cute sites! I will have to take a look!


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