Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dear Body

I am writing to you just to let you know that there are going to be a lot of changes. I know I always say this and end up scoffing more McDonands than you can handle but this time I mean it, and I'm writing this letter to prove it. I have realised that although I am almost 19, I need to do things now in order to prevent you from failing on me in the future. I know I love those elderly car things that whizz down the pavements, but to be honest I love my active legs more.

I know that I respect your outside. I apply day and night cream religiously and I always remove my make up at night (except for last Friday where I was so tired I fell asleep dressed and fully made up, only to wake up at 3am and say something to Aiden along the lines of 'need...make up wipe.. now') and I'm a Factor 15 girl, but if my insides were on the outside, then it would not be pretty at all. I don't even want to imagine what is going on..

This letter is a promise to you that I will change my habits. I won't be a five a day 5 mile jogging girl straight away, but I will be healthier.

I vow to:

- Keep a food diary
- Buy a skipping rope and skip for 20 minutes a day NO EXCUSES.
- Walk my lovely dog every day. (unless I'm not at home obviously)
- Drink 1L of water a day.
- Do 50 sit ups a day.
- Have no more than one takeaway a week.
- Use the graze box voucher I have.
- Make better choices when eating food.

So, body, I hope that if I respect you, you'll reward me with a nice toned stomach and legs that I can bare to the world this summer (subtly!)

Love from,

Me. :)

P.S Sorry to anyone reading this who isn't interested. If you are, any tips would be amazing! Moral support wouldn't go a miss too. ;)


  1. I love your posts sweetie!! I heard some where that hula hoops are amazing way to exercise :)

    Good luck hun xx

  2. Fab post! It made me laugh when you said you love those elderly car things :) Good luck with your new habits, I'm going to have to start doing the same! x

  3. Great post - made me chuckle. Good luck with the 'healthy living' xx

  4. Great post. Good luck with your healthy living.I'm always trying to take the healthy option but something always happens leading to a set back.

    My only tip is in terms of exercise build up your stamina in regards to the numbers and timings you wish to exercise.

  5. Aww good luck hun, I could do with drinking more water and more exercise too :-) x

  6. Great post! Good luck...I hope you have more will power than I do when I decide to do this kind of thing!


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