Tuesday, 17 May 2011

What If?

What if 'followers' didn't exist, would you still promote your blog?

What if giveaways didn't gain you any followers, would you still hold one?

What if anonymous didn't exist, would you still write that?

What if companies didn't care about your blog, would you still write that positive review?

What if companies didn't send products, would you even have a blog?

What if you had 1000+ followers, would you still pre-judge other 'popular' bloggers as big headed?

What if you had hardly any followers, would you ignore someone's tweets then?

What if success wasn't based on number of followers, would you still want people to follow so badly?

I think there are some question's that some bloggers may need to ask themselves. I for one, know that I blog for myself. Anyone who enjoys it as well is a bonus (a very big bonus at that). Some people can get a bit carried away and try too hard to get to the top of the so-called hierachy in the 'blogging world'.

Most of you are aware of the #bbloggers Twitter chat on Sunday night. The main topic was 'How to gain readers' but of course other topics were also raised. Although gaining readers is not the be all and end all, it was a lovely conversation and it opened my eyes to how other bloggers think. It also made me realise that there are so so so many lovely, super friendly people in the 'blogging world'. I haven't had a chance to catch up on following other blogs so if you were involved in the chat, tweet me your link :)

This post sort of highlights questions that were related to what people mentioned. It made me think how people would act if things were different. I hope you like the post and I look forward to speaking to you all again on Sunday. Big thank you to Fee for coming up with the idea.


  1. Oh my gosh LOVED this post hun! I learnt so much from that chat, To me i blog because i love to write, if i have one follower or 10,000 i would still write the same way. It was interesting hearing other peoples opinions xx

  2. Great post, all the what-ifs are so true! I also blog for myself; it's my vent, so why should I not give my opinion? I received a sarcastic anonymous comment on a post complaining about a shoddy Natural Collection nailvarnish brush, and it's pathetic that anonymouses sometimes strive to make people double think their blog content xx

  3. I absolutely loved the hashtag, and I totally agree that some people try to hard to reach the top. x

  4. i agree really lovely post :) i started blogging cause i love talking to people about things that some of my friends dont like talking about and i love learning new things :)xx

  5. I couldn't agree more! I didn't participate in the chat, but I read as many tweets as I could (it was quite difficult to read all of them sometimes!) and I really enjoy it. I found a lot of new blogs too! x

  6. Glad you all agree, and hopefully see you all at the next bbloggers chat. :)



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