Monday, 16 May 2011

Naked Palette FOTD

I'm never normally one to post FOTD's but new start and all that. Since getting my Urban Decay Naked Palette, I've had a ridiculous amount of fun playing with it and trying out different things. I just put on whatever I feel and sometimes it looks great, other times not so great. This was Wednesday's FOTD. I didn't really do much, apart from play around with make up (hence the FOTD) and visit my dad who I haven't seen in a while.

I'd also like to do a quick mention about my hair. Firstly, you can see it is slightly longer than beforehand, and it's also a lot darker than before. I've honestly had enough of styling my hair, I never know what to do and always end up having it down or in a messy bun. I need simple, quick styles please! Anyway, enough of my rambling, here's what I used:


Mac Studio Fix Fluid NW15
MUA Pressed Powder Shade 2
Accessorize Bronzer (don't know what shade as the writing has worn away!)


Natural Collection Sheer Natural Lip Colour - Lotus
Eyeko Lipgloss - Primrose Hill


Urban Decay Naked Palette:
Sin on lids
Virgin in corner of my eyes
Half baked in crease
Darkhorse on edges
The Body Shop Kajal Eyeliner
Maybelline Falsies Mascara


  1. I have 3 different ways I wear my hair: messy bun, down & straight or I make the fringe a little backcombed and then pin it ontop so it's out of my face. It defines my face a little and adds volume :) x

  2. I think the pony tail is coming back! I have been wearing mine in a pony tail! Although exams = no fashion sense!! hah
    Plus I love my naked pallete aswel!

  3. i'm having the same dilemma with my hair, its either down (which gets in my way and bugs me) or up in a messy top knot, ive became so boring/lazy with my hair! Youve done a fab job, your eyes look great :) x

  4. ooooh pretty!! Do what i did, and have your hair cut short, so you never have to worry about styling it :P

    When my hair was really long i would mix it up by pinning sections, side loose buns, hair clips, headbands,i would sleep with my hair in plaits (wet hair) and then wake up in the morning with curls xx

  5. Love the eye colour it really makes your eyes pop. On the hair front I usually plait my hair at night(damp) and then put the 4-5 rollers in and leave to set for about 20mins, perfect time to get dressed,have breakfast, put make up on and then take the rollers out and use your fingers with a little serum on, to brush your hair. Looks really nice with longer hair.


  6. Thanks girls! Thinking of doing a hair post now, off to try some of your tips (apart from cut it short haha).



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