Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Dare I Say.. GlossyBox?

I know a lot of people are fed up with GlossyBox reviews, but it is my blog and you don't have to read it if you don't want to. I shall keep it short and sweet to be honest, and I won't be reviewing the products individually.

I was a big GlossyBox fan last month and I was very excited for June's box. However, when it got towards the end of the month and they were only just sending them out, I got a little annoyed considering they took the payment on the 1st. I also think that a little e-mail explaining the delay would have been ideal, or perhaps just a little more organisation in the first place?

When the products finally arrived, I admit I was actually quite pleased, which I know a lot of people weren't. Yes, Batiste isn't a luxury brand, but it is a product I will use. And, if you add up the price of all the samples, it will cost a lot more than £10. However, I don't think I'll be purchasing any of the products in the future, except Batiste of course and OPI (but I knew that before).

My opinions on the delivery charge? I think it is a little sneaky. If the charge was there from the beginning, I don't think anyone would have been particuarly bothered. I also think that if standards and products were of an extremely high standard, I don't think anyone would have been particularly bothered either. The fact that they sprung it on us, I believe, is the main problem.

I'll be giving GlossyBox one more chance to do well (more because I'd rather have three boxes for storage) and if they don't impress, I'll be unsubscribing before next month. What are your opinions on GlossyBox? Have you unsubscribed, or do you still have a little bit of hope?

I hate to have a negative review on my blog, so I'll leave you with a happy picture of my dog sunbathing. Enjoy. :)



  1. i got the same box as you, i quite like it now i really love the scrub! smells great and really makes my skin soft! xx

  2. Totally love your dog! haha. I agree with the postage charges, very sneaky! xx

  3. I think they are going to lose SO many customers after this months box and the whole changing price thing! It's meant to be higher end brands so why add Batiste!? I just don't get it at all. Batiste is brilliant but I just think it's all a bit ridic. xxx

  4. i love your dog picture it made me randomly burst out in laughter! xox

  5. Love batiste! And loving your little pooch! x


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