Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sunday Ramble 011.

- I can't believe I haven't posted all week! (apart from Kayln's guest post yesterday which obviously wasn't from me). I've had a week where I've sort of just 'existed' and haven't really done anything apart from what needed to be done, but I'm feeling a lot more positive, especially about my blog so look forward to seeing some posts. I have, however ,seen my follower number continue to grow despite the lack of posts, so thank you and don't be shy. :)

- Like I said, this week has been pretty mundane. I've been revising like mad for my theory (not saying the date as I don't want people to know until after) and to be honest I'm really nervous!

- I visited M&M world in London on Saturday, it's really good but very expensive. If you're in London, take a look there, there's a whole wall of M&M's in every colour! :)

This week in numbers:

1 - Number of visits to the vet with my dog (thought he was blind - he's not!)

2 - Number of packages delivered

0 - Number of credits I have left on Bingo on Facebook (addicted!)

10 - Number of short nails I have (bit them all! :( )

2.50 - Amount I won on the lottery :)

Hope you had a lovely week, send me your blog posts so I can have a catch up. :)


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  1. Looking forward to seeing some more posts soon :) I'm glad your dogs ok! That would have been awful. Hate seeing animals in pain and not being able to work out what's wrong!

    Favourites post here if you fancy some light reading


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