Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday Ramble 008.

- No pictures this week I'm afraid, I always forget to take any until the weekend then most of the time it's too late! I promise I'll be more organised for next week. :)

- A lot of progress has been made this week. I applied (and failed) to give blood, but I will book again! I booked my theory test (although I'm not telling the date as I don't want anyone to know) and I signed up at the Open University to do a Certificate in Business Studies (and hopefully go onto doing a diploma or a degree!) Busy busy busy!

- I have been a bit 'out of the loop' in the blogging world recently, I haven't done as much interacting with others as I'd like. I'm hoping to change this this week. :)

- Most popular post this week: Batiste Boho Giveaway (if you haven't entered, please do - you can win one of three!)

- Blog of the week: Grace from Ooooh Pretty guest blogged for me yesterday and I didn't really have much time to give her any credit. She is a lovely girl with a lovely blog, and you can read her post on my blog here.


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  1. It's so difficult to get the time to take loads of pictures - I think I need to start either taking a point and shoot camera out and about with me or using my crappy phone camera more!


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