Saturday, 2 July 2011

Jess's Guide To: Shopping In The Sales

I thought I'd start a new 'series' on my blog, called Jess's Guide To.. (obviously!). It's basically going to consist of my guide to doing certain things. There won't be any specific day to blog these, just whenever I feel like it. I hope you like them and if you have any suggestions then let me know.


Also, a bit off topic, but I'm currently looking for guest bloggers. I have a few people interested, and if that's you please e-mail me your posts as soon as you've done them. If you are interested, all you need to do is e-mail me with your idea for a post, and then as soon as I say okay, get writing and send it! It can be about anything beauty, fashion, ramble related. :)


The sales are currently upon us! However, for me, I see it as a bad experience. I never enjoy shopping in the sales, I just do it in the hope I'll grab a bargain. I thought, if I hate it, so will others. I went into the River Island sale the day it started and wow. The clothes were all on the floor, and I got shoved and dragged all over the place. I didn't like it one bit. So this post is sort of a 'how to shop successfully in the sales as well as enjoy it' post! :) 

What to do before:

- Write a list. This ensures you shop effectively rather than buying things you'll never wear/use.
- Wake up early. The earlier you shop, the less people there are, and the tidier it is. Less stress!
- Set a budget. Stick to a limit of how much you can afford to spend.

What to bring:
- Your list!
- Comfortable shoes. The last thing you need is sore feet!
- A small side bag. You need the hands free to shop.

What to do when you're there:
- Stand your ground. Don't let other people shove you out of the way.
- Try clothes on! Even though it's sale, you should ensure it fits right.
- Check for faulty items. Many faulty items get put in sales, some are fine (lost buttons etc.) but some aren't!

Jess's Top Tip: If you wouldn't pay full price for it, put it back. (unless of course it is something you could never afford before - there's always an exception to the rule!)



  1. The sales are so crazy but i can never resist them haha! I got 6 dresses from DP for a tenner each instead of £30 each...i had to fight to get to the rail haha xx

  2. There should also be a general rule to not allow prams next to the sale rails! They take up so much room sometimes lol! Pet peeve!
    I work weekends in Primark, so the extremely messy sale rails with clothes all over the floor and non-sale stuff flung everywhere over the rail so people think its on sale when its not... yeah I have to tidy that. CONTROL YOURSELVES PEOPLE! lol xx

  3. Great tips. Definitely going to try them out when I go shopping on Monday.



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