Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Jess's Guide To: Making Extra Money

There's a recession blah blah blah. We all could do with a little extra money, and for most of us, it's difficult to a. get a job or b. get a decent paying job. And even those who have a job might find yourself struggling a bit. I'm not promising I'll help you get millions, but here's a few things you can do to put a little more cash in your pocket.

Online Surveys

I'd heard of online surveys but never joined any sites as I thought they were all scams. Through a lot of research, I found a few in newspapers that I 100% believe to be genuine. They don't ask for any money, and they don't promise a 'get rich quick' policy. You get paid 10p-£3.00 per survey (depends on site) and the surveys only take a few minutes max. Two sites you can join:

http://www.onepoll.com  - Lots of surverys, adds up relatively quickly and you get paid when you reach £40
http://www.valuedopinions.co.uk - You get paid in vouchers for any shop from their list (includes Tesco, Boots and Topshop)
http://uk.toluna.com/ - I recently joined this and I've earned quite a few points already (points = vouchers)

Warning: Be careful what you sign up for. These are genuine and so are many others but some aren't. Never pay to join a site.

Sell your stuff

I'm sure many of you have held a blog sale or sold stuff on ebay, and as great as it is, it's a bit more difficult to sell bigger items or items that people don't want to pay postage for. What's the solution? Car boot sales. They are amazing, and a perfect way to clear out your junk and earn some cash too. You generally need to pay £10 to get in, but I've always earned at least £60, sometimes over £100 in a few hours. It really is worth it, and just remember, one mans junk is another mans treasure!


I have plenty of other ideas but I think I'll leave those for another day. What are your top tips for making a bit of extra money?



  1. Brilliant ideas! I never knew about the surveys thing, I will def be checking them out xxxxx

  2. do they send you the vouchers for surveys? you don't have to give your bank details do you?

  3. @Jade - OnePoll use Paypal and they send you the vouchers. I haven't had to enter any bank details and if they ask I won't. (just incase) :)


  4. I never knew about those surveys - how fab! Going to sign up later!

  5. Ebay is my top tip. I once made £100 in one day selling items I thought would make a couple of quid each. So so worth doing! x

  6. This is a great post! I've been ebaying like mad recently after seeing that I didn't have enough to pay my rent for august so I panicked and got rid of loads.. I thought I'd miss it though and I don't at all, which maybe means I've got tonnes of unwanted stuff that I can't face getting rid of!

    It's not making extra money but a great tip for saving money is to always check sites like VoucherCodes.co.uk before you buy something online or go to eat out. They always have free delivery/20% off codes for online shops and usually have printable vouchers for things like free cinema tickets or half price meals at chiquitos or frankie and bennys :-) xo

  7. I will be sure to check those websites out! It always good to find trusted websites like these.

    Also, I nominated you for a blog award on my blog, http://lilleymay.blogspot.com , so if you wish to check it ou please do :D

  8. These are brilliant tips - who couldn't use extra money!?

    I've just added your blog button to my sidebar.
    Please have a look - follow me if you like?
    Thank you,
    R x


  9. This is a very useful post!

  10. Thanks for the tips - I will check out those online surveys...
    eBay is great for selling lots of stuff - especially when there is a free listing weekend!



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