Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday Ramble 009.

- No pictures again this week! I had full intentions of doing so but those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I sadly dropped my Blackberry in the bath and it will not work. My contract ends in two weeks so for now I'm stuck with a rubbish phone. I'm so behind on e-mails/twitter etc. it's crazy. Hoping to have a good catch up tonight. I also took a few photo's on Aiden's phone today so I'll have some photo's for posts. :)

- I've gained a fair few amount of followers this week, but none of you have entered my Batiste giveaway. If you haven't, get entering, as there aren't many entries and there's three bottles up for grabs. :)

- Also this week, my brother had an incident which involved a hole in his leg and going to casualty. It was the night I intended to blog, hence no blog posts all week, but he's okay now, which is the main thing.

- I am thinking of doing a blog sale sometime soon, but they have never proven popular, I was wondering if I'm doing anything wrong, or if there are certain brands/products etc. people would love to see in a blog sale (not MAC, I'm not selling anything) then let me know and I can see if I have anything worth selling. I really need some extra money for Jess's car fund.

- Most popular post this week: Teeze Me - My Tangle Teezer review.

- Blog of the week: Fleur De Force - Keep an eye out for my guest post. :)

Lastly, could I ask a big favour? Could you all click the 'Style Journals Topsite' button at the top of my blog. It would help me get a little higher and while you're there you can join yourself and find other amazing blogs. :)

Have an amazing evening, I'm off for a nice bath with my Jodi Picoult book. <3


  1. Jodi Picoult writes the best books! Hope your brother is now ok too. xxx

  2. Can't wait for your guest post! I was trying to join style Journals topsite but I haven't been able to put the icon on my page is there any chance you could let me know how to?! xo


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