Saturday, 9 July 2011

Saturday Takeover 001.

Today is the first of my guest blogging 'series'. I'm still looking for more people, so if you're interested, contact me. :) Today's blogger is Grace.

Grace’s Guide to summer glamour
In an ideal world as soon as the sun is out we would all ditch our heavy make up routines and embrace our natural beauty by running in to the sun make up free….. but hang on a minute, being in a world that is over run by being judged by what we look like on the outside it not always possible to muster up the confidence to do that! So here are my tips to achieve that summer glamour (and yes you can keep your make up!).

Skin – always use a good moisturiser preferably one with an SPF in this will keep your skin hydrated and give a bit of extra protection from the suns rays. Swap your foundation for a tinted moisturiser, you still get the coverage but it won’t be so heavy! Using a tinted moisturiser will give you a fresh dewy look and as you become more sun kissed it will shine through!

Blush – Swap you darker rouge for a pale pink or coral, these shades work really well with a tan and for those of you who have yet to catch some rays it will freshen up your look with no effort at all! I recommend Orgasm from Nars and Dandelion or Posie Tint both from Benefit. 

Bronze – The secret weapon for taking your daytime look to full night time glamour, general rule of thumb is less is more, you can always add a bit more if you need too, If your bronzer has a shimmer to it this rule is a must….the only glowing you should be known for is your gorgeous tan! I recommend Solar Powder from Soap & Glory

Eyes – Hold back on heavy eye make up in the summer, using a good mascara and a little eye liner (try a blue or turquoise to brighten up your look) should be ample but when you do use shadows go for colour, there are some great pastel palettes out there! I recommend Flasies from Maybelline for your lashes, and the Monaco palette from sleek.

Lips – Summer is the best time to get brave with your lippy! I love to use fuchsia pink or a bright coral gloss and against a tan it will definitely pop! My recommendations are Pink Poodle (lipglass) from MAC or Pink Apricot (sexy mother pucker) from Soap & Glory

So those are just a few super simple ways to brighten up your make up for easy summer glamour!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

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  1. I love Posietint, my favourite thing to wear during the summer time! :) x


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