Saturday, 23 July 2011

Saturday Takeover 003.

Today's post is from Peg, who is such a lovely girl and she always leaves lovely comments on my blog. Her post is on plus size fashion...

(All clothes are from New look and Dorothy Perkins online sales)

Hello, I am Peg your average Londoner in my 20’s. I have been lucky enough to guest on Jess’s marvellous blog. On my blog What’s New Peg, I usually write about my life, fashion, beauty and baking on my blog and writing, and since Jess’s blog is similar to mine I thought I would write a post on fashion with particular reference to plus size fashion.

I have always found it difficult to find clothes that would fit me properly and suit my shape; I’ve always been in the plus size area of fashion. I never like going into the plus size section of shops as I always think the designers have not thought about their customer, maybe they do not want to look like their wearing a tent, making them look a size or two bigger then what they are. I used to only be able to wear plus size clothes and I used to go past all the other clothes and wish I could pull off outfits that are shown all around us whether it is in mags, shops or on others. I understand that some people would not mind hiding behind their clothes, but I think that the fashion industry has dictated what people should wear and what the perfect sizes should be. Clothes should be a reflection on an individual’s personality not a form of prison.

So why am I rambling on about this? Because finally mainstream stores have began to cater for plus size fashion more openly and begin to look at how clothes are shaped on a lady’s body. The picture above is from new look and Dorothy Perkins and pretty much from the mainstream section of their sites. I particularly love the dresses, as they look so classic in design. I cannot wait to go clothes shopping to buy some clothes that are similar to these, dam the delay on my deposit coming back to me. I shall leave you lovely readers with a wish list outfit that is to be made up of plus size clothes, in fact I will be buying most of this outfit when I have some lovely money.
Ta ta for now
Peg x

Make sure you check out Peg's blog - :)


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  1. Thank you for this post! I've been a size 10/12 all my life and recently gained some weight and you do notice its more difficult to find suitable clothes for a fuller figure.


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