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Saturday Takeover 004.

Today's post is from Kayln who is blogging about her top 10 Lush products (in no particular order!)

1. Mask of Magnaminty
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This mask rocks my world. Unlike the other face masks from Lush (which I also love), this one does not need to be kept in the fridge and has a much longer shelf life. It gives my skin a nice tingly clean feeling and leaves my skin soft and glowing, and dramatically more even than before I put the mask on. This mask is a must for me if I know I'm going to be going out that night, and it's especially great before a night out because the cooling sensation is so refreshing. I think this mask would be great for most skin types, besides extremely sensitive. For the record, my skin is fairly sensitive and I have no problems with this.
2. Big Shampoo
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Let me start this off by saying I have the finest, thinnest, flattest hair ever. I mean, my hair with no styling, etc. makes people think Gollum has left Middle Earth and come to the Midwest. Yeah. It's scary. This shampoo, however, gives my hair body and texture even if I don't use anything else on it and I let it air dry. I don't use it everyday because I color my hair and the sea salt can be drying, but if you're looking for a good special occasion volumizing shampoo, this is what you're looking for. It also lightens my blonde. I wouldn't recommend it for people who darken their hair because it's been known to strip color (hence the lightening effect).

3. Rock Star Soap

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This soap...where do I even begin? The scent is like if a million angels cried tears of joy and then those tears were molded into a delightful pink, creamy bar of soap. But seriously, it's the best sweet berry candy scent I've ever smelled. It gives a creamy lather and leaves your skin feeling lightly moisturized and it looks adorable sitting in your shower. I just wish the scent stayed on my skin longer, but most Lush soaps don't have too much of a lingering scent. This one does linger for a few hours on my skin, but I wish I could sit and huff it all day long.

4.The Comforter Bubble Bar
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I swear to God, Lush's bubble bars make the most luxurious bubble baths ever. You crumble a bit of it under the running water and you instantly have a tub full of bubbles, perfect for crafting an extremely full and fluffy bubble beard. (You know you do it). This one smells like heaven on earth, with a really warm berry scent. It lingers on your skin amazingly, and
really is extremely comforting.

5. Big Blue Bath Bomb
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I'm a big fan of all of Lush's bath bombs, but this is the one I will always go back to, in any season. It has a delicious fresh, salty, ocean-y scent. It's hard to explain, but you all know what I'm talking about. It's something that would be called "sparkling waters" or "ocean breeze". Also, since it's loaded with sea salts and little bits of seaweed it makes for a very relaxing, moisturizing, and spa-like soak. You'll feel like a mermaid in your bright blue water with bits of seaweed floating all around you. For those who might get grossed out by the seaweed, you can always put the bomb in the end of a pair of nylons and it will catch any debris. But I highly recommend indulging in a bit of mermaid fun.

6. Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub
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I'm a HUGE fan of exfoliating my body (on account of in the winter my skin tends to start literally looking like an alligator handbag) and this does an excellent job. My only complaint is that it's a bit messy, but to me it's worth it. I just break off a bit and soften it up with water and exfoliate all over. The pink lotion stuff in the middle in combination with the scrub itself give you the smoothest skin ever. It also leaves you with a really delightful fresh, sweet scent that I can't really put my finger on.

7. Marilyn Hair Treatment
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As I mentioned earlier, I have very thin, fine, brittle, color-treated hair. This mask is super-food for my hair. I put this on dry hair, leave for about an hour, and then rinse it out in the shower and HOLY SOFT HAIR, BATMAN! This stuff leaves my hair SO silky and soft, and also does have a slight lightening effect. It also leaves my hair smelling of marigolds for a few washes, which I really enjoy. There's not much to say except if you have dry hair, you MUST try this hair treatment.

8. Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar
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I live in the Midwest, and the winters here are excruciatingly cold and snowy. Because of this, my skin gets scaly to the point where no moisturizer can save it. Besides, of course, an extremely rich massage bar from Lush. I'm a fan of all the Lush massage bars, but this is one of my favorite scents. It's a very sweet, creamy strawberry scent, and it will leave your skin so smooth and glowing you won't believe it. I find it's best to put it on straight after a shower and then give it a bit to sink in, or put it on at night and sleep with it on. Both methods result in skin as soft as a baby's bum. I also like to run a massage bar down my shins and arms if I'm going out for a sexy sheen.

9. Charlotte Island Lotion
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This stuff is heaven sent. When I went on my trip to Florida, and I feared blinding all the other tourists with my whiter than paper legs, this is what prevented a national catastrophe. This lotion gives you the most natural looking tan I've ever gotten from a body tint. Now, it will wash off as soon as you go in water, so I wouldn't recommend wearing it to the beach if you'll be swimming, but for days out on the town it's amazing. It has a really yummy chocolate fruity scent too so your legs look AND smell good enough to eat. (Ooher). A word of caution: let this set a bit before putting on clothing or it will transfer. It will come out in the wash, but no one wants brown streaks on their top.

10. The Smell of Freedom Perfume Spritzer

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This perfume is one of the most unique I have ever smelled. It's a really earthy, spicy, and fresh scent all at once. It will make you feel like some sort of woodland goddess. I can't really put my finger on the notes, but according to the website they include: lemongrass, lemon myrtle, neroli, jasmine, ginger, fire tree, clove, black pepper, sandalwood, oudh, and orris. All I can say is that it smells wonderful and I get tons of compliments whenever I wear it. I've never smelled anything like it. The scent also lasts all day without having to reapply, without being overpowering.

Big thank you to Kayln for doing a guest post for me. If you want to follow her blog, you can at :)



  1. Mask of Magnaminty is my favourite lush product of all time! Any other I can just pick up when I pass a lush.. but whenever I run out, I HAVE to go and r-buy it!

  2. Comforter Bubble Bar is my all time favorite thing from LUSH! It smells so good and makes an insane amount of bubbles. I bought one for my boyfriend's birthday this year to use in a jacuzzi tub in a hotel.. I used half the bar and we had a bubble catastrophe.. it totally over flowed out of the tub and on to the carpet.. such a mess but the room smelled awesome and my skin felt great lol.

  3. "The scent is like if a million angels cried tears of joy and then those tears were molded into a delightful pink, creamy bar of soap." - Hahaha! That made me laugh so much, best (accurate) description i've heard of rockstar


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