Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunday Ramble 007.

Obsessed with The Sims much? - My new books - Room improvements - My new make up area.

- This week has to have been the fastest week ever. I think it's because I stayed at Aiden's until Tuesday and had a 3 day week at work, and then it was the weekend! I honestly haven't been up to much, so not much to say this week.

- Yesterday, I went to my town's local festival, and it turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought. There were some great performances, and I got three Jodi Picoult books for £6. What a bargain!

- I moved my room around a bit this week and it's much more 'homely' now. Think matching colours, tidy storage, and candles. :)

- If you hate PDA's look away now. My boyfriend truly is the best. I know everyone says that, but he really is. He makes me laugh so much and when I had a little 'blah' moment, he knew exactly what to do and say and I ended up laughing with him. I know he will probably read this, and if you are, I love you. :) <3

- Most popular post that was posted this week: Jess's Guide To: Shopping In The Sales

- Blog of the week: Sprinkle of Glitter. She is a lovely girl, with the cutest baby ever! Also, make sure you watch her Youtube videos, but ensure you don't have any plans as you'll end up watching them all like I did!



  1. Woa, Sims addict! I prefer Sims2 'cause my computer doesn't support 3, so I'm stuck with 2, :] xx

  2. I love Sims 3! Don't you think time goes by so quickly when you play? I try not to play it much since I always waste about 4 hours a time on it lol! I have all your expansions, and am dying for Generations lol! x

  3. I love the sims!!! My totally guilty pleasure in life :o) xxx

  4. the sims are amazing! jodi picoult books are really good aswell :)


  5. oh i love the sims :')
    i have phases where i play on it and time just flies by. its a complete guilty pleasure! loveit!x

  6. I used to love Sims 2, but it ruined my laptop! haha. I then bought Sims 3 (through some pre-order online thing) so can log in and redownload but don't have the actual disk. So weird. But anyway, I never downloaded it onto my Macbook as I knew I'd waste my life on it! I was obsessed haha x

  7. I love The Sims 3 too! :) I loved The Sims 2 as well especially University, that was my fave! xx


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